Say it’ ain’t so: Simon Cowell confirms Olympic-themed X Factor show

Bradley Wiggins showed common sese by saying No to Simon Cowell

LONDON, England   ●   Simon Cowell has revealed plans to hold an Olympics-themed X Factor live show this year and honestly, I had to puke when I read this news article.

Does he really has to get his hands on our athletes? Is enough, never enough for Simon Cowell.

Just let our athletes do what they do best: giving us their best in what they are good at. Do we really want to hear them sing? Honestly, they only thing we’d like them to sing is the national anthems after a win. That’s sufficient and we can all sing along.

The show’s creator says he is keen to do an episode of the UK programme that pays tribute to the recent exploits of the Olympic and Paralympic heroes and says they would all be welcome to come on and mentor the contestants.

He told Channel 5 news: “I think we’re going to do something around the Olympics on one of the live shows so they’re all welcome. We like having heroes on our shows.”

Contestants will sing songs related to the recent games including Gold by Spandau Ballet and Tina Turner’s Simply the Best.

Can it be cheesier than this?

Gold medallists Jessica Ennis, Mo Farrah and Ellie Simmonds are expecting to be approached to take part in the show, which will involve them giving advice to the hopefuls.

However, cyclist Bradley Wiggins has ruled out appearing as he is not a fan.

He said: “Let’s not talk about The X Factor. Compared to the Olympics, everywhere you went the country was on a high, and as athletes it was phenomenal to see that, then you see X Factor and it’s like, ‘Oh God, everyone’s got to put up with that all winter now’.”

Thank you, Bradley.

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