Top quotes day 2

Stadium staff on the news security staff lost the keys to Wembley and Wimbledon Stadium: “To say it is the mother of all cock-ups is an understatement. The officers are furious their time has been wasted in this way. These were hi-tech laser keys which cost anything up to 40,000 a set as they cannot be copied. They are the same type as you get at prisons.”

World dressage No.2 Andrew Nicholson on eventing officials calling a 10-minute weather delay because of thunderstorms in the area immediately before his ride: “There should have been no hold, no hold at all. I’ve been in the rain, I’ve been in the lightning, I’ve been in the thunder and nobody held anything then.”

One of 15 soldiers drafted to fill empty seats reserved for Olympic and sporting officials: “We’re seat fillers. They asked who likes basketball and we put our hands up.”

British boxer Anthony Ogogo dedicated his first round victory to his ailing mother: “This one is for my mum. She had a brain haemorrhage six weeks ago and she is still in bed.”

International Judo Federation general-secretary Jean-Luc Rouge on the controversial move to reverse the decision of all three judges on the mat and make world champion Massahi Ebinuma of Japan the winner of an under-66kg quarter-final rather than South Korea’s Cho Jun-Ho: “The referees weren’t told to change their minds, they were merely reminded about an incident that should have influenced their decision.

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